About Us

Tara And I both grew up with dogs in our families, Tara is from Waterford in Ireland and grew up with dogs since she can remember. I am originally from Kent in England where we had both dogs and cats and I also had a love for horses which eventually led me to train as a Farrier when I left school. After a four year apprenticeship and attending Hereford Agricultural College I received my professional Diploma from the Worshipful company of Farriers.   

Dogs and horses always went hand in hand for me as there were always dogs at the stables where I worked and of course I had my little Jack Russel Cola that came everywhere with me.

Many years later after moving to Sydney and still working as a Farrier I received a back injury which unfortunately made it very difficult to continue working with horses so it felt like a perfectly natural move to start working with dogs.

I started Lucky Dog Pet Services which takes it's name from the first dog we owned after moving to Australia. Lucky was a beautiful girl that we adopted from the R.S.P.C.A. and gave us 12 years of unconditional love so whether we are training, walking, or boarding your pup we do it with unconditional love for dogs. 

Behavior & Training.

I have trained dogs from puppies many times, more recently have completed a course in animal/dog behavior and am currently studying another course in dog behavior as I think you can never stop learning about our amazing pets.

I am a member of the Association of Pet Dog Trainers Australia and believe in better training through education and the use of non cruel methods with positive reinforcement. I also believe if you have a good relationship with your dog as his confident pack leader training your dog then becomes more successful and more fun. 

I have never been into teaching dogs tricks, not that I have any problem with that in fact quite the contrary I am continually amazed by some of the things people teach their dogs. For me though it's more about behavior and how our dogs integrate with us our families other people and of course other dogs. Our pet dog of course does need to know some commands and for me they are Recall, Sit, Stay, Heal, and drop. Drop is not Lay down but getting your dog to drop whatever is in their mouth. This may save your favorite shoes one day but more importantly could stop your dog from poisoning him self when picking up the wrong thing.

We can help with the above commands that you will need for you and your dog to have a happy life together and we can also help with:

Puppy Training

Toilet Training






If you have any concerns about your dog a phone call costs nothing and a little advise maybe is all you need but we can also tailor a plan for training that suits you and your dog. 

All the best from

Stuart & Tara 

Lucky Dog Pet Services & Boarding.